Tuesday, June 05, 2007

quickie garden catalog

Not to post twice in the same day, but at home, there are some lovely colors...

Dragonfly spp. - Starksboro, Vermont, June 2007Dragonfly spp.

Blooming right now: yellow buttercups, pale pink geranium, purple columbine, red bleeding heart, purple lilac (but fading), white lilac.

Indigo Bunting, male - Starksboro, Vermont, Jun e2007Male Indigo Bunting on feeder with thistle seed

More color flutters about: several species of moths in various leafy browns, tiger swallowtails, more. One of these days I'll try to learn butterflies too. Not to mention this glorious dragonfly in gold and black, and the handsome Indigo Bunting.

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